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The largest (we strive for this every day) portal about household appliances. Why trust Because our experts (see "About Us») Aces of their business, each of them is an auditor of his section. Each article is a personal experience, verified in practice by our expert. We go through tons of information to check its validity and put together a quick guide for you, dear readers. Guided by our recommendations, you can solve issues such as:

  • Choice of household appliances: Our expert auditor Igor will personally guide you from choosing the format of household appliances to choosing a company and model. Whether it's an electric kettle or a refrigerator, the choice will be right !;
  • Do not know, how to install a purchased refrigerator? Then you should visit the expert-auditor “Uncle” Valera. His 20 years of experience will give the right recommendations, how to properly install household appliances, while not breaking when buying. Yes, and it happens, see “shipping bolts in the washing machine“;
  • Operating rules - here our leader, Alexey, is in charge. He reads the instructions for operating the equipment for you and selects extremely important points to make it easier for you to get the information you need without flipping through a lot of pages;
  • Household appliances care - if you know how to repair household appliances, then you know how to avoid breakdowns, says our expert Valery. In this section, he gives recommendations on how to take care of the equipment, so as not to call the repairman;
  • Repair of household appliances - if, nevertheless, the equipment breaks down, do not be lazy, read the articles on faults Most of them are trivial and you can make repairs yourself. Based on statistics and our experience, the masters in all service centers earn the main money on these minor faults, relying on not knowing the client.